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7 Books By Walter...

  • 3 Reasons Why 5 Minutes Of New Bliss Meditation Dissolves Stress Faster Than 10 Hours Of Counseling And Taking Medication For Years
  • The #1 Killer
  • Breathe in God’s Love and Light
  • The Survival Guide To The Art And Science Of Meditation, Breathing, and Chakras
  • Overcoming Diabetes Safely and Naturally
  • How To Change The 5 Emotional Triggers
  • From Fatty To Fit How I Lost 30 Pounds in 33 Days
  • 9 Steps To Building Your Sexual Stamina

Holistic Energy Medicine Healing Therapist and Intuit, Author, Speaker,

Teacher, and Circle of Life Breakthrough Expert

With over 29 years as a holistic health and healing practitioner and teacher of the mind, body and spiritual path of awakening Walter Beckley is an author, teacher, professional life enhancement coach, and energetic healer. He is also the founder of Radiant Solutions and the School of Radiant Living. Walter’s desire to share his love and zest for life led him down a path to helping others unfold, connect, experience, and develop their inner source of power. In essence, he helps people find their Sweet Spot in life and how to develop the power of love and light in their life.

He enjoys working with and assisting others not only on the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic spiritual levels, but also working within the ancestral and psychic realms as well.

He is a dynamic, powerful, and inspirational speaker, healer, teacher, writer, and teacher’s advisor. Walter’s work is designed to bring vibrant balance and clarity to all aspects of life and combines the best of many different healing modalities.

Walter was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois a suburb of Chicago. He has traveled throughout various parts of India, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and the Caribbean. While maintaining lucrative careers as a Professional Real Estate Investor and operating an audio/video recording studio, Walter became an avid student of the mind, body, energy and spiritual connection.

  • Peace Of Mind Experience System
  • Healing Starts Within Series
  • Mindfirmations Series
  • Awakening Your InnerVision Series
  • Focused-Power Breathing Series
  • 7 Health & Healing Frequencies
  • Radiant Hand Body Activation
  • Inner Workout
  • Radiant Force Chi Kung Series
  • Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organ Massage
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kung Training
  • Activating Your Inner Power Level 1 - 7
  • Healing Love Cultivating Male and Female Relationships
  • Individual, Family, and Group Breakthrough Events


These Books are For Tapping Into The Power Within


Life In Focus

The AC Green Show

KLFD 1410 Talk Radio

N’DIGO Newspaper

Earth Quest Magazine

V103 Radio Mod Squad

Saka’s Radio Program

Conscious Choice Magazine

The Monthly Aspectarian

Healing Tao Magazine

Harmonious Vibrations TV Show

Yoga Chicago Magazine

The Daily Southtown Newspaper

A Time to Love Radio Program

Inner Light Radio Program

Intellectual Radio

Chicago Academy H/S Teachers

Chicago State University

Joliet Jr. College

African American Yoga Teachers Conference

Healing Tao Training Retreat at Vassar College

Healing Tao Training Retreat, Big Indian, New York

Universal Tao Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Casa de Dom Inácio "João de Deus" Abadiania Brazil

Universal Tao, Phoenicia Pathworks , Big Indian NY

Expo For Today’s Black Woman, Chicago, IL

St. Marks Church, Joliet IL

St. James Hospital, Chicago Heights, IL

Veg Soul, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Radiant Living Training, Negril, Jamaica


About: Radiant Living

The "Radiant Living" Personal Growth System offers various products and services which have been designed to assist you in developing optimum levels of physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

Breathing Meditation For Mental, Physical, & Emotional Fitness. Learn to activate your inner quality of power, joy, and freedom. The results you seek are better reached from within.

The Radiant Living Self Improvement and Healing Arts System is designed to increase your energy, improve your focus, increase your productivity, reduce your stress, restore emotional physical, and mental balance throughout all systems in achieving body, mind, and emotional well-being.

Feel free to contact our office and allow one of our highly trained members to assist you in finding the best product or service to meet your needs.


Progressive Life Skills Training With Results Made Easy



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“Meditation Mind Specialist” To Hold Live Mind Mastery Class On Attracting Better Relationships, More Money, and Better Health…

By Learning To Dissolve Negative Blocks

Walter L. Beckley founder of “Meditation Mind Gym” Will be hosting Training Sessions Near you! For More Information: Visit or Click Here:

Walter L. Beckley, is the founder of the “Meditation Mind Gym”

Press Release:

Nationwide – “It all starts with the mind,” states Walter Beckley, Prosperity Mind Specialist and founder of the “Meditation Mind Gym” System. Regardless of your pursuit in life, it’s imperative that you learn to free your mind and unlock your hidden abilities. The upcoming Mind Mastery Classes from the “Meditation Mind Gym,” is an African American-owned leading mind development, health, and healing company.

The “Meditation Mind Gym” is changing lives, by freeing the mind from the stress and trauma that plagues the individual, family, and community. We specialize in teaching beginners how to take back the space and power between their ears. Many students learn to command the outcome of their lives and more easily reach their goals.

One of the steps to success, Walter teaches, is the art and science, of how to dissolve and release the stress and trauma that is blocking success. on any of the 9 levels of life.

Most people never learn the workings of their own minds and how to move in harmony with their thoughts feelings and energies, so, they can experience more positive outcomes in life. It is no mystery that stress, trauma, and their cumulative effects subtract from positive life experiences. This leaves most people feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful, angered, and alone. The net effect is that many people don’t experience healthy, supportive relationships and their wealth-producing opportunities are mentally blocked or strained. Many are also suffering from various physical, mental, and emotional health challenges that drain their precious life energy every day.

Today tens of millions of people are held hostage by stress, trauma, and negative mental and emotional experiences, concepts, and belief systems. This is being played out in our neighborhoods with senseless arguments, fights, shootings, and killings. This prodigious display of hostility and lack of self-worth, along with mounting financial stagnation and skyrocketing medical costs are torturing people, from our very young to the elderly. The very fabric of decency and morality has been torn.

Within every person are the keys to a better life. The doorway into greatness is wide however narrow it may seem. It only takes the right information, training, and personal experience of these three essences, which make up what Walter calls “the Trinity.”

Activation of the life energy within the breath 2. Cultivation of right desire and belief from the heart 3. The Circulation of peace, clarity, and Alignment of the mind.


Walter is touring the country offering "Mind Mastery Classes" live and online in order to assist attendees in the experience of “How To Dissolve The Blocks That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals And Become More Successful at Attracting Better Relationships, More Money, and Better Health” "How to Dissolve Blocks and Become Successful at Attracting Better Relationships, More Money, and Better Health”

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