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Sick of Life? Learn to Free and Heal Yourself

By Walter L. Beckley

Our goal is to awaken to energetic forces at work in our lives.

What is locked up inside us in the form of known and unknown negative, traumatic, stressful, emotional, physical and mental experiences holds back a tremendous amount of who we really are and our unlimited potential. Due to these past locked up, negative distorted experiences, most people constantly recreate and attract these past experiences into the present and don’t live in the abundance and pleasure of life. To break this cycle, we must work through the internal and external negative energies that can determine and drive our lives.  

    It is important to understand the endless potential of energy, which is actually timeless. Our Souls have been here forever and there never was a time that they were not, nor will they cease to be. Our Souls come from the same manifesting power that created this entire cosmos which is timeless and immortal. When we’re conceived, our screen of consciousness is neutral. However, at conception, experiences, feelings and information from our parents and stimulation from the outside world are written across our consciousness, vibrationally reactivating our Soul’s Karma and Dharma. The concept of Karma simply means each action has an equal and opposite reaction … or in Biblical terms, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Our Soul has endless experiences, some that are complete and many waiting for an opportunity to be fulfilled, neutralized, forgiven or transformed. When our Souls release these experiences upon us, it is called Dharma. Based upon the clarity and/or distortion of these experiences, it either enables or restricts how we respond to life’s current situations. Whatever we do, there is some reaction that happens unless you enter into a state of balance or stillness. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in Karma or Dharma … the laws are the laws are the laws. These principles will seek you out because they are principles of creation.

I once worked with a woman who had a very difficult childhood. She always felt disoriented, uneasy, nauseous and dizzy. When she was 34, her mother brought her to see me. When I started working with her energy body, the experience took her back inside her mother’s womb. There was some disturbance she was consciously experiencing as a fetus. We asked her mother what happened during her conception and pregnancy. The mother told us that, while in the next room, as I was working on her daughter she too, was having an experience going back to her own childhood. Synchronicity, especially among family members, is not unusual. The mother was fourteen when she was given to a much older man in marriage. Not understanding sex or pregnancy, she experienced a horrific and difficult pregnancy alone. These were the dizzying circumstances her daughter was born under. Her mother’s negative energy was charged up in her. I was able to clear them both and the daughter no longer had the same uncomfortable feelings and symptoms.

Our goal is to awaken to energetic forces at work in our lives. We always bring what we are energetically attracted and connected to into manifestation, good and bad. Whether or not you know what you’re attracted to, it’s coming in your direction. The scales of life will be balanced. One of the reasons for the focus on forgiveness is that most people miss the aspect of transformation within forgiveness. This aspect goes deep into the core of transformation. It’s not only about forgiving others, but also about forgiving oneself for our own misunderstandings, actions and non-actions in life; it’s about transforming these negative energetic experiences we’ve taken into ourselves. We can then come to a new awareness about living free from the bondage of negatives feelings.

To be fluid, free, and experience a higher level of consciousness is about choices and not being stuck in fear, anger, frustration, shame, etc. When you get stuck in these modes, it’s like an engine that’s overheating. The organs and glands are overheating because they can’t shift into the next gear. You are grinding away from the inside. It’s important to learn to shift gears and move through and beyond these negative energies so we can identify and release our true selves. We can then make real choices based on this present moment. Life is perfect as it is. The problem is that we’re not in balance with this perfection. Our goal is to release fear, anger and frustration and allow these energies to be silent witness to our lives, instead of destructive leaders determined to have their way, despite the cost to ourselves and others. Releasing these negative emotions brings us back into energetic balance, into the sweetness and stillness of the present, so life really is Stillness which is Bliss.

Negative feelings are held in the energy body which needs to be activated and balanced. This work is for people who are ready to move beyond their present state into a more proactive way of being in balance and enjoyment. Life should be lived in Bliss. This can only be done through understanding and distinguishing your pure and true self from the “stuff’ that can entangle you. There will always be stuff out there, but there is a part of you that is not that stuff

Undoing the unbalanced functioning within the energy body heals the emotional body. When the emotional body is healed, then our mind breaks free of all traps. Our mind, in its current state, likes to follow patterns in order to make sense of negative disruptive emotions. The healed emotional body allows the physical body to function in an optimal way, but if the emotional body is screwed up, this can manifest in a variety of diseases and problems. To show how important the emotions are compared to the mind, if a doctor tells you, you have cancer, you feel first, and then the mind immediately creates a pattern to fit the feelings in. By repeating this pattern this starts the emotional attack against oneself and destruction in the body. This is what really tears people apart. The greatest enemy is within unless we learn to cultivate the inner beauty.

We have to release the negative emotions that are tied to the cancer, so our mind can be free and our body can start to heal itself. If our emotions are still connected, our mind and body are going to be trapped into everything associated with the energy of cancer. It’s not really the cancer that’s the greatest threat; it’s the duress that people go through emotionally that truly is the ultimate killer.

There are seven basic categories or problems people can learn to heal: finances, relationships, sex, spiritual, career, emotional and mental issues. What people usually feel when negative energy is transformed is more congruent, lighter, joyful, empowered, loving and thankful. It is imperative to bring the energy that is at work in our lives into balance so we are not continually trapped in the never-ending cycle of repeating and attracting what is blocking us from reaching our full potential and living life in Bliss. This work is not a belief system, this work is about learning to experience the energy, so that you can actually feel it at work in your life and then direct and choose your life’s direction in freedom, grace and joy.

One of the most powerful and effective methods I utilize to assist people in this process is the Discharge Life Clearing Method (DLCM). This method removes the energetic vibration or signal that attracts unwanted experiences. As we go through this process and release what’s holding us back from who we really are, more of our true potential is revealed. Training is also offered so people can learn how to become their own self energetic healer and how to assist others. To read other life changing experiences, go to www.radiantliving.com/courses/testimonials.html.

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     The Radiant Living Inner Power for Life Training System along with the Discharge Life Clearing Method are highly effective tools that help people find, release, transform and forgive these various energetic connections at work in our lives. Students are taught how to work independently as well as being assisted in transforming various energies, enabling them to achieve balance, clarity and internal peace. Private, group and couples’ sessions, seminars, retreats, telephone consultations, onsite business training, health products and Training Certifications are available. For more information about Walter L. Beckley and the School of Radiant Living, see www.radiantliving.com or call 708-481-9128.




For more information:  www.radiantliving.com or 708-481-9128