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Introducing the Next Generation Pure Hydration – the world’s bestselling all-natural water ionizer that just got better. Now you can enjoy unlimited Alkaline Antioxidant Hydrogen-rich delicious water with the wave of your hand. Our new design delivers the same ultra filtered water, rich with antioxidants and minerals, with new easy installation options and LED reminders for filter changes. You asked for easy, affordable, great looking, Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filtration and we delivered Pure Hydration Next Generation – pH balanced water loaded with natural antioxidants and minerals. Why pH balanced? Why antioxidants and natural minerals? Water serves as the most important and simplest way to improve our health. Alkaline water aids in nutrient delivery and cellular absorption throughout the body improving removal of toxins through the lungs, skin, kidneys and digestive system. Many health professionals recommend the benefits of Hydrogen-rich Alkaline water – and Cosan/USA takes a revolutionary all-natural approach to water ionization using NO ELECTRICITY and no waste.


  • Create acid-buffering alkaline water for drinking and cooking right at your faucet or cold water supply valve.
  • Generates hydrogen rich water with excellent negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).
  • Easily installs to your existing faucet with no special plumbing requirements.


  • Germ-free touchless on/off infrared sensor
  • Non-electric all-natural water ionizer without waste water
  • Blue LED light bar indicating normal operations
  • Red LED 90 & 180-day filter change alert
  • Battery Powered 90 & 180-day filter change audible alert
  • Dual side entry for easy access and replacement of filter cartridges
  • Countertop or under-counter configuration
  • Add’s essential minerals and antioxidants
  • Abundant Molecular Hydrogen (H2) rating
  • 100% money back total satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Ionization Type     Mineralization using natural earth elements
  • Filter Life          6-months (2,300 liters for average family of four people)
  • Micronic Rating    .02 micron
  • pH Range           9.0 -9.5 depending on water source conditions
  • ORP Range         -400mv – -700mv
  • Hydrogen Range    1,000 ppb – 1,400ppb depending on source water
  • Flow Rate          2.1 liters per minute
  • Water Temperature 39º F (4º C) to 95º F (35º C)
  • Size               14 in. H x 8″ W x 14 in. D (36cm H x 20cm W x 36cm D)
  • Weight             9.0 lbs.

Pure Hydration represents the second generation of all-natural water ionization globally distributed throughout the world. Transform ordinary tap water into clean and healthy ionized alkaline at your faucet or cold-water supply valve in minutes – includes everything needed to install. The unit resets to new tolerances upon filter cartridge replacement.

Alkaline Antioxidant Water will improve your body’s pH balance, digestive health, sleep, weight loss, skin tone, blood circulation, and detoxification. Alkaline Hydrogen Rich Water is known to slow the aging process by adding abundant anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals caused by the average American lifestyle and diet. The price point and performance reflect our core biblical approach to business in delivering a health improving appliance at an affordable price. The performance ratings of Pure Hydration render it a stand-alone world-class contender with a .02-micron pre-filtration rating. Healthy antioxidant water begins with proper pre-filtration, without which, health benefits decline.

NOTE: Source water quality plays a significant role in any water ionizer’s performance and can increase and decrease pH ratings, ORP reduction, molecular hydrogen count, and rated filter life. 



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Pure Hydration 2 Filter

Are You Drinking Dead Water?

Overcome the dirty or unhealthy waters provided to you by people who only want your money.

Your health is in your hands and the 3 things that you must do in order live and enjoy a good quality of life is:

  1. Breathe
  2. Hydrate With PureHydration Water
  3. Eat The Best or Healthiest Foods

The quality of each will over time determine the quality of life you get to live sickness and ill health you may die from.|The Choice is simple: Become conscious of what you put in your body. Learn to make the healthiest choice available every day.

Pure Hydration Testimonies

I installed the unit myself and only needed a couple of hand tools. I have well water and find the taste of my water better than my friend who has his Pure Hydration on city water. My whole family loves the water and we all find ourselves drinking more water and less cola’s. My mom actually stopped drinking cola and carries the travel unit with her when she travel


We purchased the Pure Hydration system a couple of months ago at the Green Festival and love it! The water tastes so much cleaner, and I love knowing that the alkaline water I use every day to make fruit infused water is even better for me than before! Thank you for making such an amazing product that is affordable!

– Anonymous

The system was relatively easy to set up. I connected it to the faucet, so it was very easy to go from regular water to filtered water. So much nicer than having to refill a pitcher repeatedly! Smooth-tasting water with no chlorine taste.

– Diane

The system was relatively easy to set up. I connected it to the faucet, so it was very easy to go from regular water to filtered water. So much nicer than having to refill a pitcher repeatedly! Smooth-tasting water with no chlorine taste.

– Karmine

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