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"Theirs is nothing like this, that I have ever experienced! This has been the most life changing experience that I have ever had. I basically feel like a completely different person"
Michelle D
Editor and Human Behavior Student

Embrace The Focus, Creativity and Clarity of Meditation

“The meditation methods he provides in this book are definitely the proverbial TURN UP. I'm feeling fully electrified right now. I'm on fire!"

Understand The Beauty and Power of Breathing Correctly

“The movement in my energy is overwhelming. I feel a sense of peace and relaxation. It’s positive energy and it’s moving all inside of me. I feel like I’m grounded yet floating all at the same time, and I feel it head to toe. It’s like this tingling inside of me, something that’s always been there but never been able to really show itself. And for me I’ve never really been able to feel it. I’m so thankful for this experience Walter."
Tameka M
Tameka M Professional Counselor


– Exactly why meditation is the unltimate reset switch for realigning, refreshing, re-focusing your mind, body and vitality or energy…

– How breathing correctly can become your greatest asset when it comes releasing toxins and energizing your body

– How conscious breathing enhance your normal meditation 10 times by direct the breath and life force into various areas inside and out side the body to improve the inner mechanics between the mind and body and the outer relationships between people, finances, career, life-style and other abilities…


– The 9 core Levels of the Circle of Life, and how meditation can empower, balance and increase the results you receive in each of the these areas of your life.

– How you can easily overcome with these proven scientifically validated all natural methods

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3 Reasons Why 5 Minutes Of New Bliss Meditation Dissolves Stress Faster Than 30 Hours of counseling and Taking Medication.