Mantak Chia Lecture – Chicago, IL May 28, 2010

Awsome information, and a mastery over how chi energy is activated, grown, transformed and transmuted… thank you Master Chia for your awsome lecture, entitled “Supreme Inner Alchemy”. After almost 10 years, since Master Chia’s last leture in Chicago, it was apparent that he was at home and at ease as he shared about his lifes work. I have had the pleasure to host Master Chia and spend time with him, as he stayed with me in my home… all I can say, is that he has a wonderful inner smile, and heart to match. However, if you would like to know more about his stay with me, just ask.

Walter Beckley
Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor
p.s. If you made it to the lecture, and or have ever heard him speak live… please tell us about your experience.