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Let’s talk about healing energy, sexual energy and the manifesting power of energy and intent!


Now is the Best Time to Start!

1. Have a clear idea in mind, about what you want in life.

2. Next, start to learn all you can, from Read More …

Sick of Life? Learn to Free and Heal Yourself – Pt 2

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Negative feelings are held in the energy body which needs to be activated and balanced. This work is for people who are ready to move beyond their present state into a more proactive way of being in balance and enjoyment. Life should be lived in Bliss. This can only be done through understanding and distinguishing your pure Read More …

Sick of Life? Learn to Free and Heal Yourself – Pt 1

Our goal is to awaken to the forces at work in our lives!

Golden Beat Stress

What is locked up inside us in the form of known and unknown negative, traumatic, stressful, emotional, physical and mental experiences holds back a tremendous amount of who we really are and our unlimited potential. Due to this past locked up, negative distorted experiences, most people constantly recreate and attract these past experiences into the present and don’t live in the abundance and pleasure of life. To break this cycle, Read More …