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Experience the most powerful mind, body & Emotional development Tools in the world…

New Bliss offers the most interactive from of conscious mind and breath activity you can experience for dissolving your stress, clearing your mind and bringing power, peace and balance into your life.

Discover how you can awaken from the physical, mental and emotional stress, strain and pain that challenges you daily. Come alive and take charge when you learn to take charge and guided your latent powers and abilities from within.

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The New Bliss System Gives You These benefits:

  • Eliminate Stress and Negative Feelings
  • Releases Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger and more…
  • Helps You Manage And Overcome Chronic Health Problems
  • Increase Your Focus, Concentration & Productivity
  • Heal Past And Current Trauma’s Faster & Easier
  • Discover Lasting Inner & Outer Peace
  • Develop A Personal Self Care Approach To Life
  • Experience More Love And Care Within & With Others
  • And so much more…



New Bliss, Is The Food and Fuel You Have Been Craving, For that Untouchable Part Of You, That Needs To Quenched, Served, Cared For And Nourished!

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With thousands of people all over the world… it’s time, Experience The Power in YOU!

Please read my letter below,
then try New Bliss Stress Free Breathing Meditation®
for yourself…

Richton Park, Illinois
Saturday morning, 8:57 AM

Dear Friend
My name is Walter Beckley, Founder of Radiant Living and Mind Body Solutions. I will be assisting you in creating the best mind, body and relationship practice  and experience ever! When you learn “New Bliss Stress Free Breathing Meditation®,” you will be on your way to realizing greater success in all phases of your life.


     Walter Beckley

…you can change any characteristic, detail or aspect of your life.

Before we get started: I want you to know: this is a long informational letter— if you were like me or like many of my many students and clients, it was difficult to find someone to teach or share the information needed help boost you into a higher level of consciousness enabling you to realy understand the stress and trauma that you had been going through and what are the necessary steps to overcome and eliminate whatever it is that keeps showing up to make your life difficult and even miserable. There was no one who could share with me or help me break down a lot of the ancient information about the science of the mind, body and spirit. Let alone people who  knew exactly what it was that I, or they were really after in life. You see most people travel through life stuck, bored and miserable and never expecting or knowing that life is waiting for you to design upon it’s canvas your life’s goals and mission.


New Bliss Breathing Meditation System Organically Activates, And Cultivates Your Inner Healing Power

Within New Bliss You WIll Learn To Activate The Power of The TRINITY



How Can You Make The Right Choices In Life
When You’re Focused On The Wrong Things?

The Market Is Filled With Passive And Bogus Methods

Now most people know that they should not only look their best, but also feel better, physically, mentally and emotionally everyday. Right? You see, when you start on the path of self or personal improvement or development… there are so many systems out their, and their are so many bogus and time consuming systems, consultants, doctors, physiologists, healers, physic’s, etc… it’s unreal. Plus, today the market place is filled with all sorts of gadgets that are designed to transport you to utopia and eliminate your stress all while you you do nothing… you do nothing and they do little to nothing for you and thats suppose to make you a better person. Now the truth is, there are some doctors, consultants etc..  and some gadgets that can help. However, much like medicine, there are plenty of drugs that can help you get rid of your headache, however, what about the 100 different side effects, and what about next time… you’ll need to take more or you will need a stronger prescription.  The same is true when it comes to  the development of your body, mind, and emotional well being. Natural or organic foods, herbs, pure air and water all help maintain and manifest your natural functions and tap into your organic inner healing power and you look and feel better. Sometimes when your really sick or have a nasty accident you may need to take drugs or use an external device to force your body to re-balance it’s self, so that your organic inner healing power can proceed.


Our Sytem Is Proactive, In Which You Learn To Organically Activate, And Cultivate Your Inner Energetic Healing Power

So today, I would like to share with a natural way to organically activate, and cultivate your inner healing power so that you can enhance your mind, body and emotions as well as tape into the beauty and power of who you were really meant to become and are.

Now, there is really so much to tell about the amazing power within you, and what this power when tapped into, will do for you. Now, if I could tell you in a minute or wave my hand and you would get it, believe me, I would. However, the truth of the matter is simply this, don’t fall for the pill, or the device, when your growth in life is simply based upon you spending time within the beautiful confines of your space ship, which is your body, your navigation system which is your mind, your communication system which is your emotional expressions and life force or your chi energetic power. As you learn how to organically cultivate your inner and outer power of life. Your life’s stress and negative will dissolve away and you will begin to experience a more stress free life.

You May Be Wondering:
“How Can He Make Such a Claim???”

In 1978, I embarked on a journey seeking to improve the state of my mind, body, emotions and the overall quality of my life. I’ve met and studied with many remarkable people, some in the US and others I’ve met abroad.

I’ve also met and studied with many masters of yoga, meditation, chi kung, tai chi, religious and spiritual healers, scientists and meta-physicians from various cultures, levels of awakening and from various healing, awakening and spiritual development systems.

The primary objective of 98% of the wonderful people I met, was, that their life’s work was based on awakening the mind to it’s  highest and fullest potential, healing and strengthening their body, overcoming and balancing their emotions and unfolding to their full or highest Spiritual potential. The other 2% were already fully realized Beings.

With many years of trials and training along the way, and after my very own consciousness raising and awakening experiences, in 1989 after 12 years of mind, body, energy and spiritual training.

I became a certified Healing Energy instructor. I was then asked to go out and teach, heal and assist others in their awakening and healing process.

In 1995, after years of working one-on-one, with small groups, and with large organizations, I found myself challenged by my many students. That challenge caused me to go within and re-master, simplify and bring out the essence of these teachings, enabling the student to more easily grasp the foundation, middle level and higher level of their consciousness, and express their new found personal healing power in more loving and nurturing ways.

What I learned, and now present to you, is a highly effective system which is, tailor made for anyone seeking to enhance their meditation practice, release their stress very quickly and easily, have powerful and enjoyable relationships and enjoy themselves, life and others.

This system is a very powerful and comprehensive program designed to fortify your life on every level.

Now, I can go on for days telling you about this system. However, I think that it would be more important that you see and hear from students that have experienced the power of this system.

I would like to share with you several testimonies of people just like you about how the New Bliss Breathing Meditation System and how this method has totally changed their lives for the better.

“”Theirs is nothing like this, that I have ever experienced! This has been the most life changing experience that I have ever had. I basically feel like a completely different person”

Michelle D
Editor and Human Behavior Student
“The meditation methods he provides in this book are definitely the proverbial TURN UP. I’m feeling fully electrified right now. I’m on fire!”

Shamsa D 
“The movement in my energy is overwhelming.  I feel a sense of peace and relaxation.  It’s positive energy and it’s moving all inside of me.  I feel like I’m grounded yet floating all at the same time, and I feel it head to toe.   It’s like this tingling inside of me, something that’s always been there but never been able to really show itself.  And for me I’ve never really been able to feel it.  I’m so thankful for this experience Walter.”

Tameka M
Professional Counselor

“I have had some amazing experiences! You are so clearly in touch/connected with the true source and you have the amazing amazing ability to help other people”

Madeline Goldstein
The Dance & Fitness Coach
“I was in there, it was all nice, golden and warm. During the breathing, I was in the space inside my source center, when all of a sudden my God, it’s a doorway leading to other space outside of my self.”

Sharon Hodges

The New Bliss Breathing Meditation System Accesses Your Inner Energy, Prana or Chi. This is the Essences or Bio Electrical Energy
That Powers Your Life.

The New Bliss Breathing Meditation System is the foundation practice for Breathing Your Stress Away System.

It is a proven method designed to access and release your Inner Source of Power and take you deeper into the Source of Energy that empowers all Life.

As you practice our Unique Breathing Meditation system you will learn to go deeper into the Source of Energy that empowers your life and connects you with your electrical cleansing and healing power, so you will automatically start to release greater success in “The Eight Phases of Your Life.”

The Eight Basic Phases of Life: Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, Financial Independence, Creative Career/Lifestyle, Sexual Harmony, Loving – Nurturing – Spiritual Relationships with family, friends and all of life.

As you learn to use the Breakthrough Breathing System in your yoga stretches, exercises and meditations, you will dynamically enhance each of the Basic Eight Phases of Life.

Discover how people in all stages of yoga, exercises and various meditation practices, combined with Breakthrough Breathing are experiencing personal growth in every aspect of their lives.

Find out how, through self understanding and cultivation of the power within the breath, you can begin to attract and receive what you truly want in life.

Learn how the first key to improving your yoga, exercises or meditation practice and gaining personal empowerment begins with the Breakthrough Breathing techniques that will be shared with you in the Breathing Stress Away System.

Even If You’ve Never Practiced Meditation Before,
You’re In The Right Place, At The Right Time!

When You Practice “Breakthrough Breathing” While Doing Your Meditation You Will Also Learn to :

  • Release The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
  • Overcome Various Physical, Mental And Emotional Challenges Of Your Life
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Clear Your Mind And Develop Your Persona Power
  • Connect Your Energetic Power Within The Stillness of Your Meditation

What if you all practice meditation???

Your New Bliss Breathing Meditation Training Will Help Your Meditation Practice By Enabling You To:

  • Experience true expansion of your energy and consciousness
  • Feel the power of being extremely grateful and satisfied in your life
  • Reduce and balance the stress and negative hormones and impulses which are released into the organs, glands, brain and other systems of your body causing damage inside and out
  • Activate and balance the flow of energy throughout your brain, all your organs, glands, skeletal system plus energize your immune system for optimal level health
  • Dramatically change and produce extraordinary advances in the way you feel and think about life.
  • Expand your yoga, exercise or meditation experience and the benefits beyond self imposed limitations
  • Stimulate and improve your cognitive learning skills; opening your mind to greater clarity and peace; experience higher levels of intuition; focused mind power; creativity; and true expression of your inner beauty
  • Break through persistently hard to manage or difficult physical, mental and emotional injuries
  • Effortlessly awaken your mind & body to the joy and power that lives within YOU
  • Learn the latest stress reduction or stress relief techniques available

9 Principle Concepts About Meditation, Breathing and Energy That Will
Change Your Understanding About Life!

1st Principle

Did you know that all of life is made of energy and functions through electrical-energetic-magnetic-light?

1 Light bulb

2nd Principle

Did you know that your mind and breath are your main connection to accessing this electrical-energetic-magnetic-light connection?

2 scientist

3rd Principle

Did you know that by conscious connective breathing you can increase your energetic connection and infuse your various bodily systems with more electrical-energetic-magnetic-light force for greater understanding, clarity of mind, physical health and emotional balance?

cosmic couple

4th Principle

Did you know that energy is much like a language and when you learn through The “New Bliss Breathing Meditation System” you will learn to energetically enhance your awareness and sharpen the communication and balance within your entire body, mind and emotions?

4 cosmic earth & Hands

5th Principle

Did you know that you have the ability to create at “will” inner harmony, to feel more love, experience greater depths of peace and be in bliss in life?


6th Principle

Your body is the greatest vehicle and your breath is the fuel. Your body and breath must be cultivated in order to advance consciously. The “New Bliss Breathing Meditation System” super charges your breath which charges all of your trillions of cells of your body which improves all of your inner and outer lines of communication. through balanced energy flow.

6 Sprinter

7th Principle

As you learn the basic and advance forms of The “New Bliss Breathing Meditation System” you learn to operate at the fundamental levels of energy which are directly connected with the source of your thoughts. The ancients recognized this source of though as being parallel with source of creation. And when we lear to rest our minds at this level we begin to shed the hindrances that block you from seeing all things clearly and from this level. At this level of function, our thoughts are like seeds which, when planted and cultivated properly at this level of source you are able to produce a bountiful harvest in your life.

8 Wheat

8th Principle

It so important that learn to release your stress from your body, mind and emotions, and breathe new life into your all phases of your life, by gently access the power of The “New Bliss Breathing Meditation System” which will assist you in transforming your body, mind, emotions and energy.

8 zen green water

9th Principle

Simply put the “New Bliss Breathing Meditation System” brings about balanced energy flow for a better experience in life!

9 Sun

Change Your Life
With Just 5 minutes a day!

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Thank you for taking this time to invest in yourself.  You are well on your way to experiencing the next level of your life. Be sure to sign up it’s free and I will answer any question and or concerns you may have.

With warm regards,
Walter Beckley,


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