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New Bliss, Is Food and Fuel For that Untouchable Part Of You That Energies You, Focuses Your Mind, Inspires You To Reach Your Goals, and improves your health

New Bliss is a unique self-care system for personal and professional growth. With a proven track record New Bliss has helped thousands of people overcome health issues, relationship challenges, emotional short comings and financial problems. New Bliss is simply one of the easiest ways to create positive productive changes in your life.

How Does New Bliss work?

Science has long recognized the magnet force which resonates from the earth’s north pole. This magnetic energy is invisible. However, if we look at a compass it becomes evident that the needle is attracted or being pulled towards the earth’s magnetic north energy field. New Bliss assists you in growing your positive magnetic connection and more easily attract and receive what you desire.

In-order to improve the quality of your life, and have a better daily outcome and a more enjoyable experience in your life, there are three powerful steps that New Bliss will assist you in achieving:

  1. New Bliss shows you exactly how to tap into the power or energy that drives your life.
  2. Next, through the New Bliss System you will learn how to cultivate or gather your energy. This process enables you to strengthen your overall personal power for greater health 4 ways:
    a.) Increases your immune system, which improvers your overall outlook and quality of life
    b.) Balances your emotions, which improves your relationship with family, friends, co-workers and others
    c.) Improves your energetic attraction for better connection and opportunities. Many of our students have experienced an increase in finances, career and or life-style
    d.) Transforms the negative experiences into a deeper more positive experience. Many people experience emotional stability, mental clarity, a higher level of intimacy, love, empowerment and freedom, as-well-as a deeper spiritual connection.

New Bliss is perfect for business people on the go, progressive individuals and families that want to empower their lives, heal, love and stay together. New Bliss is great for students of all ages,employees, employers, and house wives.

One of the important aspects of the compass is that it can be used as a guide to direct us toward our goal and assist us is successfully completing our journey. In this very same way, New Bliss is like a compass assisting you with finding your Personal Stress Free PowerZone.1

When you learn to activate New Bliss:

New Bliss will improve your current physical, mental, emotional, and economic position in life. New Bliss is a proactive way of re-balancing your negative feelings, thoughts and experiences that impede against your creativity and growth. New Bliss adds more productive energy to your current positive and productive needs and desires. Through the unique New Bliss System protocol you will learn to coordinate the various internal responses of the mind, body and emotions to empower your environment and world around you. It’s Time to Cultivate Your Personal New Bliss Stress Free PowerZone.

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New Bliss is a unique path to personal and professional growth, intimacy and freedom. It is perfect for business people on the go, progressive individuals and families that want to empower, heal, love and stay together. New Bliss is great for students of all ages,employees, employers, and house wives.
The New Bliss Meditation System!
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New Bliss Level I - 4

New Bliss awakens your personal power by aligning your mind, body and breath into your source center. Levels 1 - 4 also assist you in releasing your negative stress, thoughts and feelings by taking you deep within your source of power. Many practitioners experience clearer thinking and ease in achieving their goals. Within your 5 minutes of daily practice you will align your mind, body and emotions and begin to feel the difference and as you grow you will be able increase your time as you learn to tape in the various qualities, frequencies and self healing. This connection activates the rejuvenating power within. This is the foundation for experiencing greater physical, mental and emotional health, harmonious relationships, and financial stability.

Focus Power Breathing
Levels 1 -13

This advance inner work. The Ancients refer to this work as Alchemy and other circles as magic. The Focus Power Breathing teaches you how to gather your scatter parts of your essences. energies, emotions and mental forces in to oneness. You will learn to create a deeper sense of personal growth as distinguish your true-self from your false-sense-of-self.

INNER VISION - Levels 1-18

InnerVision is the crown jewel of this series of personal, energetic, and self-development series. Many people life their lives with their innerVision shut off or their vision for life being dictated by outside forces. You will learn how to activate, and cultivate your inner source of power at the pineal gland level. This often referred to as the inner-eye or third-eye.

Discover Some of The Benefits of New Bliss...

  • Eliminate Stress and Negative Feelings
  • Become More Prosperous and Successful
  • Release Depression, Anxiety, Fear, and Anger
  • Overcome Chronic Health Problems
  • Enjoy Happier More Loving Relationships
  • Heal Trauma and Mental Fatigue
  • Experience More Love Within & With Others
  • Illuminate Your Body and Mindfulness Power
  • Discover Your Inner Joy
  • Discover Lasting Inner Peace
  • Increase Focus, Concentration & Productivity
  • And more…




Many systems are passive because the participant only needs to listen, sing or chat along. There are many relaxation, meditation, color therapy, hypnosis, creative visualization and other systems that are passive tools that are being used for slow development. One of the reasons these systems are passive is due to the waiting and allowing that is needed for the system or technique to start assisting you. Over time some of these systems can bring you into a higher state of consciousness unconsciously. However, many students find themselves unable to enter into a higher state of consciousness willingly. Nor are they able to recreate positive productive experiences, consciously release stress, or transform their negative experiences into vitality.

Through the practice of New Bliss you are consciously and proactively, activating, cultivating and directing your consciousness to influence your subconsciousness by entering Your Personal New Bliss PowerZone. ThroughNew Bliss you learn to sync the mind, body and breath into harmony which activates your Stress Free PowerZone. When you’re in the New Bliss PowerZone you are consciously releasing stress and those negative feelings that get in the way of enjoyment and prosperity.

New Bliss
The Conscious Choice in Personal Growth

This is what you get:

Choose Between Three Packages Designed To Meet Your Needs:

The New Bliss Training Creates
Positive Life Experiences

Welcome to New Bliss Meditation Membership. For as little as $297 for the Online Study program you will receive access to the online membership site for the first 30 days. This access includes your Level I, Level II, Level IIa and Level III memberships ( for 4 Levels of Training), conference calls, discounts on live seminars and the more. After the completion of the first 30 days you will receive a recurring monthly charge of $19.97 every 30 days or $69.97 per year for membership access and maintenenece. You can cancel at anytime.

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