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Radiant Living is a Unique Self-Improvement and Personal Healing Arts Energy System…

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The Radiant Living Self Improvement and Healing Arts System is designed to increase your energy, improve your focus, increase your productivity, reduce your stress, restore emotional physical and mental balance throughout all systems in achieving body, mind and emotional well-being.  The Radiant Living Systems are designed to assist you in developing optimum levels health and a better understanding of how to eliminate unwanted negativity and feelings that block your enjoyment. We can assist you in our private and or group sessions online, live via telephone of Skype in transforming those resistant areas of your life.

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  • This Class Has Been A Blessing! The Benefits That I Received Have Been Tremendous. I Been Involved In Years Of Spiritual Pursuits And Feel I Am On The Right Path. This Class Has Assured Me That This Class Is Truly The Way. Thanks Walter For Adding Years, Happiness And Peace To My Life.” Samantha B.
  • I Have Never Experienced Such Sensations As I Have This Afternoon. Uniqueness Of The Energy Was Blissful And It Has Changed Me. Overall The Session Leaves Me Feeling Clear And Invigorated. There Is A New Beginning Feeling In Me.” Micheal K.