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WARNING: Here's What Every One Needs To Know
About The Side Affects of Stress

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It is a fact that stress is the number one destroyer of lives. It is a silent liker that usually makes a big noise, Stress can have a powerful negative effect on your emotions, mind and body. Many people struggle with the side affects of stress.

The Side Affects of Stress (very Small List)

  • 1. Relationships - affairs, divorce, emotional and physical abuse and violence
  • 2. Health- sickness and disease, physical pain
  • 3. Wealth - self-worth, loss, in-congruency

These side effects can be large or small. However, left unchecked and unresolved they will grow out of control. Today, we see all over the news stressed out people loose control, they strike out from their stress point, usually causing pain and chaos, against other people, even children. They cause stress and trauma, simply because they are experiencing stress and may have been traumatized. There are so many variables after such negative actions. However, unfortunately people very often choose to live their lives in stress even after presented with the knowledge that there is a better way. The question is what will you do?

The stress, pain and sense of over-whelm that you may be going through, very often goes unchecked until it's to late. By the time you begin experiencing the side effects of stress, our relationships have been diminishing for longer than you think, you could be thinking about breaking up, possibly heading to divorce court, your health is unhealthy, as-well-as your good sense of well being deteriorated so long ago that you have forgotten that life can feel good again. Yes even fabulous as you enjoy your relationships!

The Goal of Meditation Made Easy, starts with each person, individually learning to gently meditate and breathe their stress away through our unique system. You will learn to diminished the stress in your life by learning to cultivate and grow your personal inner power

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"Theirs is nothing like this, that I have ever experienced! I have studied all kinds of ways to alter human behavior, decrease anxiety, cognitive therapy and other methods… and nothing has been able to do what the level one training of this work has done for me. This has been the most life changing experience that I have ever had. I basically feel like a completely different person. It's like I have undergone some sort of…. I don’t know how else to put it, it's like a different brain has been placed in my head. One that is calm and has awareness of truth… I don't even have to think about it, Information comes to me. This happens based on these teachings. I use to suffered from extreme anxiety or panic attacks… I can't even believe it, but there has been a disconnect since I began doing the practice between the emotions that I experience and the reactions in my body. I don't react to those negative feelings, their not rooted in my body any more. I am able to obliterate those negative feelings in just a few moments."
MichelleHuman Behavior Student
I've worked with you in so many different areas and I still have never had the same amazing experiences as I've had with you. You are so clearly in touch/connected with the true source and you have the amazing amazing ability to help other people (I know whereof I speak Walter), cultivate their own light within their own selves is incomparable. And I am extremely grateful to you. There are so many people who call themselves "healers" and claim to be in touch with source, There are many people who "talk the talk" but really not that many who "walk the walk." You are definitely one of the walkers. You truly do empower others. So many blessings to you in this New Year. Can't wait to breathe my stress away! Blessings,
MadelineThe Dance & Fitness Coach