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Overcome the Physical, Mental & Emotional
Challenges that Suck the Joy out of Life

This present moment is an accumulation of all your life’s experiences. We experience both negative and positive qualities in life. Each type of experience has a charge which electrifies, magnetizes, creates and attracts us or repulses us into creating and or recreating that same or similar experience in your present life.


Allow yourself to be taken on an inward journey through the intricacies of your life's history and/or past Soul Lives!


Breakthrough Life Improvement Experience!

A Powerful Energetic Clearing Method

Walter will take you deep into resource of your energetic memory files of known and unknown physical, mental and emotional stress, traumas, unpleasant events, and other aspects of your life that may be setting you up to fail. This is where past negative energetic experiences subtract from your positive present moments.

When you start the Breakthrough Clearing Method Discharge Process, you will begin to feel a powerful sense of inward freedom and connectedness; totally freeing you from participating in the vicious cycle of repetitive and destructive negative experiences. The Breakthrough Clearing Method will empower you to live, laugh and love deep from within.

Both negative and positive beliefs become deeply rooted. Once this negative experience or charge merges with your Life Force or Spiritual Energy it can manifest over and over throughout your life.

Negative charges can manifest as or in, one or more of the following areas:


If you are experiencing one or more of the above, or other
negative life diminishing charges…

Reset your life with The Breakthrough Clearing Method!

The Breakthrough Clearing Method will assist you in eliminating negative charges and/or beliefs that obstruct your ability to enjoy daily living.

All you have to do is be open to listen and receive. Your new-found inner freedom will help you to forgive yourself and others, resulting in a transformed and more fulfilling life.

The Breakthrough Clearing Method is like receiving a pardon which leads to self-forgiveness from your self-imposed prison sentence. Who sentenced you? You did! It is neither your parents, nor the person who offended, assaulted, neglected or abused you. It is you. You’ve sentenced yourself simply by what you hold inside you. You are energetically and magnetically attracted to some form of a previous distorted experience. When you have bad life experiences, you hold a negative charge in reference to what has happened to you and others around you.

How to Release The Negative Physical, Mental and Emotional Connections

Would you like to move through life unhindered? The Breakthrough Clearing Method will enable you to release your negative life experiences and move through life unhindered.

Our Method will provide you with steps that are designed to assist you with transforming and forgiving the plagues of past self-imposed, destructive and abusive experiences. You will learn how to release a cascading effect of Creative Life Energy which will also touch those involved in and around your “life”.

When you start the Discharge Process, you will begin to feel a powerful sense of inward freedom and connectedness; totally freeing you from participating in the vicious cycle of repetitive and destructive negative experiences. The Breakthrough Clearing Method will empower you to live, laugh and love deep from within.


Breakthrough Into Greatness Video Experiences


Discover How Great Life Can Be!

Discover how many professionals, students, parents and the like release emotional problems. Discover how through healing negative emotions they all were able to find their Breakthrough, with Walter Beckley’s Unique Breakthrough Into Greatness System. Feel free to browse our many video’s, audio’s and written testimonies. Learn how these men and women took the challenge, and broke free from the negative, magentic and energetic connections. These types of connections can zap the beauty, joy and love out of life. They changed and you can too!

At 43, I am feeling like I am 20 – With a Spiritual Lightness… I Connected to My Heart and My Strength,
Scott HolsteinBusiness Owner
I Released The Heaviness – I’ am Feeling Wonderful
Donna AllenBusiness Owner
Released Sadness Issues..
Doreen DanielsBusiness Owner
This is one of the top five things that has ever happen in my life!
Rev. David Wayne PosleyPastor and Insurance Agent
Walter helped me with some issues that had been blocking me for a long time.... I felt open and free...
Sharon Rennels

Breakthrough Coaching

Remove The Blocks that Are Stopping You

Live Private Coaching Sessions and or Telephone Consultations

Our Private Consultation and coaching sessions are designed to help release and transform negativity in your life.

Walter’s unique energetic abilities and insight into the physical, mental, emotional, ancestral and psychic stages along with his unique problem solving abilities, allow for deeply rooted issues of various forms of stress and trauma to be released and transformed. Walter can help you experience a happier more dynamic and enjoyable life.

Experience Your Breakthrough Into Greatness
Private Coaching and Training

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